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Ornamental grasses prove to be effortlessly low-maintenance, showcasing remarkable resilience in various environments. Thriving throughout the year, even in colder climates, these grasses make a perennial return, adding timeless beauty to your landscape. 

Whether arranged in clusters, lining borders, or gracing entrances, ornamental grasses bring a stunning aesthetic to your outdoor space. Beyond their visual appeal, they contribute texture, and graceful movement, and serve as a habitat for your garden ecosystem.

Diverse World of Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses include a wide range of species, each with its distinct style that adds to garden aesthetics. From the airy plumes of red fountain grass to the spectacular foliage of Japanese blood grass, these plants provide a diverse range of textures, colors, and patterns.

Whether you want a backdrop or an attention-grabbing piece, there's an ornamental grass to suit your style. Ornamental grasses with graceful arching blades, like Feather Reed Grass or Zebra Grass, can provide a striking visual impression. These ornamental grasses make a beautiful tapestry, adding variety, texture, and seasonal interest to landscapes and gardens of all sizes and kinds.

Cultivating Tranquility: 

Ornamental grasses can create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your garden, where you can escape from the stress and noise of everyday life. Their soft and graceful forms, their subtle and soothing colors, and their gentle and calming sounds can all contribute to a sense of peace and harmony. You can buy ornamental grasses and plant in those areas where you want to enjoy some quiet time, such as near a patio, a bench, a pond, or a fountain. 

You can also use ornamental grasses to create a sense of privacy and enclosure, by planting them along fences, walls, or hedges. Or you can use ornamental grasses to create a sense of movement and dynamism, by planting them in groups, drifts, or waves.

How to buy Ornamental Grasses at Eureka Farms?

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Benefits of Ornamental Grasses

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, ornamental grasses have practical applications in landscaping. They add a unique vertical feature to the garden. In the summer months, a densely planted grass bed provides an excellent backdrop for flowers and various forbs. Their green luxuriance embodies the essence of summer. 

Their low-care nature makes them perfect for busy gardeners, and their adaptability to varied soil types and growing conditions guarantees that they may thrive in diverse environments. Many ornamental grasses, such as our best-selling Rosea Pink Pampas grass, are drought-tolerant, making them an environmentally friendly option for water-wise landscaping.

Choosing the right Varieties

Selecting the appropriate decorative grass requires careful consideration of height, color, and growing conditions. Taller grasses, such as Maiden Grass, can serve as eye-catching focal points, providing vertical interest to your landscape design. Low-growing options, such as Elijah Icy Blue Fescue Grass, perform well as ground covers, creating a lush carpet of green. 

Seasonal attractiveness becomes an intriguing element, with some grasses, such as Pennsylvania Sedge, displaying vibrant colors in the fall and maintaining visual interest during the frigid winter months.

Blue fescue and zebra grass,add color, texture, and contrast to garden designs. These grasses act as borders, accents, or focal points, merging in with other plants. Ornamental grasses are essential for modern landscaping because they add beauty, sustainability, and versatility to outdoor spaces while also enriching the environment with their timeless appeal.

Our Care Tips

Although they are simple to maintain, ornamental grasses still require some maintenance to remain attractive and healthy. First, select soil that drains properly and make sure the spacing is appropriate for the particular type of grass. Wet or soggy soil can lead to fungal infections and root rot in ornamental grasses.

Additionally, they require ample space to spread out and flourish without stifling other plants or one another. Secondly, even though established ornamental grasses can withstand dryness, they still require regular irrigation while they are growing. When ornamental grasses are young and just starting to establish their roots, they require regular irrigation.

Designing with ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses can be used to have a great effect in a variety of landscape designs when used creatively. These grasses bring a lively touch to any outdoor environment, whether they're used to create mixed perennial beds, gracefully frame borders, or enhance the elegance of containers. In addition to producing aesthetically pleasing compositions, the creative pairing of various grass species with vivid flowering plants also offers a calming symphony, enhancing the whole sensory experience in your garden.


When it comes to landscaping, ornamental grasses are elegant ambassadors of the beauty of the natural world. Whether you're an experienced gardener or someone trying to put up an inviting landscape in your house, they're an asset to any garden because of their many forms, ease of upkeep, and versatility. You'll probably get enthralled with these grasses ageless charm and the peace they provide to outdoor areas as you explore the options they offer. Thus, why not think about adding a few decorative grasses to your garden so you can enjoy the beauty of nature in your backyard? Buy from Eureka Farms right now.