Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca Tree
Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca Tree
Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca Tree
Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca Tree
Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca Tree
Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca Tree

Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca Tree

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Size, Overall Height 3gal Pot, 3-4ft

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Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca Tree

Planting Trees is the perfect way to create a peaceful and natural look in your backyard. Not only do they make any landscaping design look stunning, but they also help reduce air pollution and provide much-needed shade!

May we suggest planting Paradise Tree, Simarouba Glauca for an eye-catching display? It’s an evergreen known for its vibrant glossy leaves which create a color contrast when new shoots appear.

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Plant Hardiness Zones and Specifications

Grow Zones: 4-9 Patios / 10-11 Outdoors
Growth Rate: Moderate
Mature Height: 40-50 ft.
Mature Width: 25-30 ft.
Light: Thrives in Full Sun
Foliage: Evergreen Tree
Uses: Accent, Street Tree
Characteristics: Satin Glossy Leaves
Soil Conditions: Wide range of Soils
Does Not Ship To: AZ


The paradise health benefits and how chemotherapy side effects can be alleviated by it. Also known as Simarouba, the paradise tree has been studied for years for its medicinal properties and its potential to aid in battling cancer. The paradise tree can cure viral, bacterial and protozoal diseases and acts as a powerful antibiotic.

Planting and Care

Care Guide

PLANTING AND CARE - Dig a hole approximately twice as wide as your new plant’s root ball and deep enough so that the top of the root ball is parallel with the ground level. Place the plant in the hole and ensure that it is situated upright, use the excavated soil to back fill around the root ball, tamp down to ensure air pockets are eliminated, thoroughly soak with a hose as you fill in the dirt. A 2-3 inch layer of organic hardwood mulch is strongly recommended, it will help retain moisture and discourage weed growth.

LIGHT - Thrives in FULL SUN

WATER - Water twice a week for the first growing season, once established rain water will suffice.

FERTILIZING – No need to fertilize right away, We fertilize our plants during the production phase with slow release fertilizer which can last an additional 2-3 months supplying residual nutrients to the plant. Once fertilizing is due, you may use a fertilizer formulated for outdoor plants, preferably a slow release fertilizer 180 days duration, fertilize during spring or fall base on label instructions.

PRUNING - Is not necessary, however you can prune to control width and height.

INSECTS OR DESEASES - Here’s another plus, this tree is not regularly affected by pests, however in the event that scale, mealy bugs, or mites are found to affect the plant, they can be controlled by applying horticultural neem oil that can be sprayed directly onto the insects, A second and third treatment, when using oils, will be necessary. Space out the sprays at 2 weeks intervals to break up the mealybug life cycle.

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More Frequently Ask Questions

Is it safe to ship plants by mail?
We Believe it is, let us prove it, our success rate sipping plant(s) online is well over 99%.

How do you measure height for trees?
Trees approximate height is measured from the base of the plant to the top of the highest branch.

Are plant(s) purchased online guarantee?
All plants are guarantee for a period of 30 days, We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.