Being a pet and a plant owner can be an exhausting job. Your pets can dig up, chow down, or poop in the gorgeous plants you grew with love and care. It is unpleasant when your pet chews up or overturns your beautiful houseplants. We’ve gathered some tips to end the war between your pet and plant.

1. Pet Repellent Spray

A simple way to protect your plants from your furry friends is to apply a non-toxic repellent spray to the leaves. Cats don’t like the smell of citrus, so placing lemon or citrus peels in your plant pot can keep your pets away from it. Use a natural pet repellent spray that won’t harm your plant or your pet.

2. Make Them Out Of Reach

If your pets are not bothered by weird smells, the best solution is to put your plants somewhere they can’t reach. You can use macramé plant hangers to keep your plants safe from furry monsters. You can also place a plant high off the ground that can act as a deterrent to keep your pets away. Use hanging baskets and planters. Avoid placing them in your pet's territory.

3. Cover Plant Soil

If your pets like to dig up the soil or use it as a litterbox, try to cover the soil. You can cover the soil with seashells, pinecones, or even burlap. The material used should let water through but stop your pets from digging. Coffee leftovers can be beneficial for plants as they are a good fertilizer. It is a good source of nitrogen for the plant. You can also cover it with tin foil, stones, or pebbles.

4. Divert Their Attention

Cats and dogs usually dig out of separation anxiety or out of boredom. Try to divert their attention towards exercises and stimulation; they need to redirect their attention away from your precious plants. You can train your dogs with a designated spot in the yard for digging. A little bit of training can save your plants from being destroyed.

5. Give Them Chewing Alternatives

Sometimes cats chew on plants for extra fibre and nutrients. You can buy cat grass for your cats. This will keep them occupied with keeping your valuable plants safe. You should consult your veterinarian before bringing cat grass into your home. For dogs, a good chew toy is the perfect bribe. They are easier to distract. You can get catgrass from the local supermarket.