Consider the Source When Buying Plants Online

There’s no better time to start a garden than now, with a pandemic forcing people to stay indoors and a global environmental awareness movement pushing people to cultivate their own food. With gardening becoming increasingly popular, different online shops are popping up and offering various plant species for sale. Buying plants online can be the most convenient and cost-efficient way to start your garden. However, it’s important to always consider the source before making a purchase.

Research the Seller

Before buying plants online, do your research. Try to find out the seller’s reputation and reviews from past clients. A good seller should have a customer support center that’s always available. Once you’ve gathered enough information about the seller, you’ll have an idea of the kind of products and services they offer.

Beware of Offers That Are Too Good to be True

While researching online plant sellers, you may come across some that offer great discounts on rare plant species. Although this may seem like a great deal, it is always better to be cautious. It’s not uncommon for scammers to lure buyers with fake products, low prices, or offers that are too good to be true. Always trust your instincts, and if something seems fishy, don't hesitate to ask questions.

Check Plant Health & Conditions

Online plant sellers should provide information about the health and conditions of their plants. When selecting plants, choose those that are healthy and have no signs of fungal infections or pests. Age is also important, so endeavor to check out the plants’ age and growth development. If the plant growth looks stunted, yellow or brown, it may be an indication of underlying issues.

Packaging and Delivery Guidelines

Packaging can affect the health of your plants. If plants are not packed well, they may arrive in poor condition, which can negatively affect overall plant health. Be sure to understand the kind of packaging a seller uses and their delivery guidelines before making a purchase. Inquire about the shipping method and the expected time of delivery to avoid any disappointments.

Know Your Plants and their Requirements

Before you make a purchase, know the kinds of plants that suit your location and the soil type. Understand the requirements of each selected plants, such as climate and soil requirements, moisture levels, and light requirements. This ensures you’ll be able to provide the best growing conditions for your plants to thrive.


Online plant shopping does come with its perks, such as convenience and lower prices. However, before you swipe your card, take the time to consider the source. Do your research, check on the health of the plant, shipping guidelines, and requirements. The better you understand these factors, the more likely you are to buy plants that are suited for your garden, and that would flourish under your care. Remember, to start with good quality plants is the first step to success in your gardening journey.