Podocarpus trees are known as yew pine or Buddhist pine and are native to South America, Asia, and Africa. Podocarpus trees are not high-maintenance plants, and they grow well with little care. These trees can be planted for privacy or as a windbreak. They are coniferous trees that have fleshy seed cones. In this blog, we'll explore everything you need to know about growing and caring for Podocarpus trees.

Understanding Podocarpus Trees:

Podocarpus trees grow up to 3-50 ft. tall and 6-50 ft. wide. These trees prefer full or partial sun for proper growth. It is advisable to plant them in loamy, sandy, moist, but well-drained soil. Keep in mind that Podocarpus trees are toxic to pets.

Podocarpus Tree Care Tips:

After planting the Podocarpus trees, water regularly until the tree matures, fertilize them with a slow-release fertilizer. Pruning plants regulate their proper growth so that you can prune them at any time of the year except during winter.

Types of Podocarpus Trees

Let’s look into two types of Podocarpus trees:

1. Yew Podocarpus Bush Maki

Yew Podocarpus is an admirable tree mostly used as a privacy hedge, throughout Florida. They are planted as privacy hedges and protect you from nosy neighbours. It is preferred for its aesthetic value, but it has other benefits too. 

It acts as a shelter for birds and a food source for wildlife. It has a firm root system that prevents soil erosion. In Chinese practices and traditions, it is used as an anti-fungal agent. It has been planted as an ornamental plant in many areas.

2. Podocarpus Glacilior Tree

Podocarpus gracilioris is a remarkable evergreen tree. It makes a proper privacy hedge. This unique tree grows well in zones 8, 9, or 13-24. It grows well in full sun or partial shade with proper watering. 

It has shiny green to blue-green leaves 2-4 inches long, narrow (1/2 inch), and tapered at the ends. They cover the branches, making this an ideal option for hedges or screens. It is native to Eastern Africa, where it is grown for its timber. It is unruffled by diseases or pests.

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