There are cypresses in many different forms, and they have many applications in the landscape. These include the specimens planted in straight or staggered parallel lines for high hedges or tall privacy barriers, or to form the corner accents in the lots of tall houses and other constructions. The smaller shrub varieties are ideal for use as an accent or a grouping within home foundation plantings as well as in borders that are created within a landscape. They also perform the function of low to mid-size hedges and are suitable for use in a container. Cypress is a tree of the coniferous type, which is always green, and some species can grow quite tall.

Cypress is a large family of plants; there are at least 16 cypress species all over the world, but most of them are not grown in Great Britain as ornamental plants. Some species are not winter-hardy enough and humidity as well as precipitations are also unfavorable. Hence, speciality species are not commonly found in stores. Cypress trees are evergreen conifers which can grow to remarkable heights. The leaves of cypress trees are normally needle-like and may differ in colour from very dark green to silver-blue. If you rub the leaves between your fingers, they emit an interesting, sometimes poignant scent, whose nature depends on the variety. Cypresses also produce globose and round seed cones; these have a woody outside coating the seeds within.

Cypress Trees in Pots

Since growing cypress plants in a pot is a superb solution to very cold regions, it can be taken inside during the frost winter months or simply keep the plant in a warm place. Cypress trees can be grown in pots using the same principles of planting in the ground. Just make a drainage layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot. It is a good idea to also use a large enough pot, for the reason that columnar cypresses grow to lean over pretty quickly. Another advantage of a large pot is that watering less frequently is possible.

Caring For a Cypress Tree

Cypresses are considered low-demand plants that, with proper care, reward us with all-season greenery. Provided the location means, they will need irrigation only occasionally and, if grown out-of-doors in containers, some protection from the cold in winter. Other than this, the most important care Measure required for Cypresses is their once-a-year pruning. But potted cypress requires more maintenance than outdoor cypress trees.

Watering Tips for Cypress Trees

Depending on the species, cypress trees have different water needs. Monterey and Yunnan cypress trees thrive in moist conditions. The one-timeable bark mulch prevents too much water from dissipating out of the soil, therefore keeping the soil moist. Usually, cypresses should receive enough water while outside, though once in a while, even in the dry winters, it is good to recommend occasional watering throughout summer. Cypresses must never be allowed to dry out in their winter quarters. Keep the soil slightly moist. For more details read Best Watering Tips for Happy, Healthy Plants.

Pruning Cypress Trees

Cypress grows pretty vigorously, so it is also pruned. Cypress is pruned for compact growth, which keeps the shady trees from becoming sparse and also saves the tree from snow breakage. Depending upon the species, these incredibly versatile plants can be pruned to form a hedge and clipped into ornamental shapes. To protect them from insects read our Guide on How To Protect Plants From Insects.

Are Cypress Trees Poisonous?

What smells when cutting cypress trees is usually some strong, somewhat spicy smell of cypress. This smell is produced by the toxins in the plant. Therefore, keep cypresses away from domestic animals that graze or rodents. Among the animals, there could be potential damage. You have to be careful with young dogs as well because they love to gnaw at everything that comes their way.

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