Now that it's starting to get warmer, there's no doubt we will be spending more time in our backyards. Still, there's something off-putting about the feeling anyone could look in at any moment. That's where garden screening comes in with natural screens that provide your yard with privacy, yet resemble beautification. This can include ornamental plants or planting trees for privacy. Sometimes, when you're eager to cover up that yard, fast-growing trees are the best way to go.

Look no further. Here are the best fast-growing trees for privacy—according to experts—so you can create a garden screen fast. Sometimes, there is no time to wait for trees to grow big enough to make up a garden screen, so we pull together this expert list of top fast-growing trees for privacy to allow you to enjoy an enclosed backyard sooner.

1. Weeping Willow For Full Coverage

If you want a tree with its entire surface covered, having an interesting shape and texture, then take the weeping willow. The weeping willow is one of the finest trees offering shade, Screening, and seating underneath its drooping leaves. Willows grow very fast and compact, hence suitable for privacy and shade, especially near the garden ponds. In that they grow around four feet per year, such trees require wide space and must also be planted far away from any underground pipes to avoid damaging these pipes by the roots.  They will likely be the best choice for very large landscapes or when extreme privacy is desired.

2. Leyland Cypress For A Solid Screen

Leyland cypress trees will work well in making a quite solid garden screen, as they are fast-growing with bushy foliage that does very well to hide your backyard. Evergreens are low-maintenance and fast-growing, producing a living fence if planted in spring, just when the ground has thawed, spacing them about 5-6 feet apart for an effective barrier. These trees do exceptionally well, and they can easily add four feet per year as young trees. Additionally, Leyland cypress trees do better when sparse, so their preference toward droughty conditions makes them some of the best varieties of trees to plant in hotter climates.

3. Eucalyptus For Screening Above A Fence

As mentioned, growing eucalyptus trees is relatively easy and can be done in both the smallest or largest of backyards with so many varying sizes. “Eucalyptus trees make excellent privacy trees because of their high growth rate and density, giving the owner very good returns on the low maintenance," claims a professional dealing with the trees. These are hardy trees that bear attractive silver foliage, which may be allowed to peek over garden fences to add height and extra privacy to your yard. Eucalyptus trees can grow up to two meters per year and possess a nice, refreshing aroma, so they will fit a fragrant garden. They are great for growing wider, so pruning regularly will help the tree from becoming too thin and tall.

4. Bamboo For A Natural Wall

There's a bamboo type that will fit just about every backyard;  since it could spread at a rapid rate. While not technically a tree, bamboo can grow very fast and thick in diameter to almost become an impassable wall. Though they provide one with a quick and stylish solution for the smaller areas of privacy, they may require control.

This will help keep it somewhat contained, yet still provide a very reliable and fast-growing garden screen to prevent the bamboo from spreading out of control. You could consider ideas such as planting it in some sort of large, barrel-like container.

5. Paper Birch for a Statement Screen

Statement trees may be used to create garden fences that double up in your yard. Paper birch trees are impeccable and stunning trees you can utilize here with incredibly white, shining bark. Pyramidal in youth, it develops quickly to offer great coverage and a front of striking white that sets off the space of your backyard. They mature rather quickly, and their branching in layers creates quite a bit of coverage.

Their leaves will also turn a bright shade of yellow during the fall season, forming quite the contrast with the pure white color of the tree's bark.  On average, this makes paper birch trees one of the fastest-growing birch trees; they gain about two feet in height per season. They grow best in full sun.

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