How do you feel while looking at a green field or holding a fragrant bouquet? You feel peaceful and filled with joy. The majority agrees that plants have healing power. Science proves that interacting with plants is beneficial for mental and physical health. People who surround themselves with greenery have emotional and health benefits. Let’s discuss the psychological benefits of plants.

1. Mood Booster

People prefer settings that have plenty of plants. It helps reduce stress, calms the heart, and lowers anxiety. People who suffer from depression or anxiety are advised to start gardening, as it helps evoke positive emotions. Flowers also stir up positive energy. You can lighten your mood through gardening. Gardening connects us to nature and boosts our thought process. It gets rid of anxiety and depression, along with the release of happy chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. A specific bacterium in the soil promotes the release of serotonin, which reduces anxiety and lifts mood. At Eureka Farms, we have a diverse collection of plants that can boost your serotonin levels.

2. Increases Attention Span 

Being around plants prolongs attention span, which aids in better learning and concentration. Some researchers have concluded that activities carried out in green spaces reduce the symptoms of ADHD. People who stay in green spaces more often have better cognitive abilities. Compared to those who live in urban areas, people living around nature have better memory retention.

3. Improves Self Confidence 

Low self-esteem is a major concern among young adults and adolescents. Teens constantly feel a need to compare themselves to others or feel pressured to act a certain way. Gardening and being around plants can help them create a feeling of accomplishment and excitement.

4. Higher Productivity and Creativity 

Employees and students who had a greenspace or indoor plant setting around them were found to be more alert, productive, and in better moods. People who work or study in urban areas should resort to green spaces for short walks to boost creativity.

5. Fewer Risks of Dementia 

Gardening improves cognitive function in dementia patients. It reduces old-age aggression in dementia patients, along with improving brain function. It also enhances the quality of life for such patients.

6. Helps Fight PTSD

Veterans and victims of any traumatic event who are actively involved in horticultural therapy or nature-related rehabilitation have more will to fight PTSD. It gave them a positive state of mind to overcome post-traumatic stress.

7. Better Quality of Life

The improved psychological well-being of those who spend time with nature results in greater feelings of positivity and hopefulness, comfort and relaxation, and overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

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