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Why we use earthworm casting biohumus in our potting mix.

For millions of years, nature has worked in cooperation with earthworms to produce fertile soil for multiple plant species. Even if we ought to thank the earthworms for their work, nobody has been talking about them. However, nowadays people are starting to think about their exceptional performance and scientists and farmers are now raising awareness of earthworms.

In industrial agriculture, the use of mineral fertilizers reduced soil health and caused compaction, erosion and a decrease in microbial diversity and abundance. The raising awareness of soil health (e.g. the International Year of Soil in 2015), has also highlighted the importance of the earthworms.

Why Pete Free Organic Potting Soil
Vegetative compost , full of nutrients, enzymes, humic substances, increase soil life, nutrient storage, water capacity and soil structure.

Our Compost recipe is made from composted vegetation, no animal manure is ever introduced to the feed stock.

Natural soil activator, Refreshes soil, Acts in nutrient balancing, Stores water and nutrients, Increases soil structure, Continuous, long term impact, Supports the nature’s system in the soil

Difference from other soil activators

Nearly impossible to overuse, No smell, Safe for use, Organic, mineral rich, all nutrients, diverse soil life, phytohormones, humic substances, storage capacity of water nutrients and microbes, structure.