Receiving Aglaonema Plants by Mail

Care Guide Aglaonema

Aglaonema, also know as Chinesse Evergreen or Prayer Plant, is an easy-to-grow houseplant with bold, colorful leaves; ideal for tabletops, desks, and shelves. It adds color and texture to any room. For centuries it has been welcomed in all homes across the world as it is known to bring good fortune. This family of plants display a series of vibrant colorful foliage atop sturdy Red stems, its eye catching colors make it the perfect choice to add some flair to your home or office space. Indoor house plants are proven to be excellent air purifiers which help decrease stress and anxiety while stimulating creativity and productivity. Great for yourself or as a gift.

Plant Care
• Plants shipped online are in complete darkness for several days, once received allow the plant to acclimate to its new environment.

• Repotting / Fertilizing, once received Wait 2-4 weeks before repotting or fertilizing, Fertilize during Spring to Fall base on label instructions.

• Water, allow the top inch of Soil to dry out to the touch, may take 5-7 days, water slowly to allow the soil to absorb and moist evenly.

• Humidity, most Tropical plants can benefit from regular moisture, a humidifier or regular misting is recommended.

• Light, Can grow in medium to bright light indoors, if outdoors can be placed under shade or indirect sunlight.