Cultivating Birds of Paradise Plants

“Care Guide”



Read our expert's guide for the best caring of Bird of paradise plants. As a high-maintenance plant, you need to pay special attention to it, whether it's meant to be part of your interior design or outdoor decoration.


Main features




Birds of Paradise is a yearly herbaceous plant cultivated in mild subtropical conditions. The flowers' bright colorings and impressive layouts have made it particularly widespread as a cut plant. Consequently, the bird of paradise is planted internationally in various countries with different climates as cut flowers for household and multinational decoration demands.

Bird of paradise is aboriginal to South Africa. Its name comes from the significantly shaped and shaded blossom bunch, like the crested crown of a bird. It rises to 90 cm in height where the branch is about 45 cm long, and the blooms are brilliant orange, purple-colored. Strelitzia Regina is a favored orange-flowered type among the five species.

How to multiply this plant




You can plant seeds in early spring, but you'll have to be extremely patient to wait ten years its flowering time. Make it faster by splitting a grown plant, raising it from its jar, and pruning the rootball in half. You could likewise clip out and pot up branches that have emerged at the bottom of the central plant.

Light Requirements


Bird of paradise requires full sun or semi-shaded light for an outstanding appearance as mature plants. The blooming will be more extraordinary if the plants have higher exposure to light. Low light intensity may force flowers to drop out, while too much sunlight may burn leaves.

Temperature Range




Bird of paradise blooms generously in a semi-cool temperature grade of 17-27 °C. The ideal range would be 10-13C in nighttime and 20-22° C in the daylight. Temperatures above 27° C have a negative impact with blossoming.

Watering Needs



It's highly suggested to water this subtropical plant twice a week during summertime for moistened mud and once in 7-10 days in the winter season. Elevated ground moistness is preferred during the flowering period. Utilize bubble irrigation to overwhelm waterlogging and enhance results.

Fertilization Tip



For the wholesome blossoming of birds of paradise, implement phosphorus-rich fertilizer monthly. 



Regardless of tools and all the other elements in taking care of a healthy plant, are you still able to maintain it? Since birds of paradise are tall and predisposed to housing, they demand to get supplied with the accurate, supportive technique to stand vertically. The dried leaves and flower stems are extracted by clipping them with sharp secateurs when the flowering season is over.

Diseases Care



Bird of paradise is exposed to mealy insects. For safety purposes, use soapy water in the plants to prevent these bugs. For intense insect infestations, use the instructed dose of insecticides. To avoid root breakdown, provide adequate reserve drainage in mud and not over-water. 

Production Approach



The number of flowers per plant annually leans on the number of leaves, age, and cultivation method. A beneficial and established plant can assemble 10-15 blooms in a year.

Harvesting Process



This plant is typically harvested for regional demands when the first floret has opened the market season. The flower stem is gathered when it's still pompous early in the morning. After harvesting, the stalks are maintained in a bucket full of water.

Post-Harvest Life


The branches are shortened 60-80 cm. The longer the stems, the better will proceed the postharvest vitality. Immerse the trimmed flowers in sucrose and ppm citric acid composition for two full days. It will significantly enhance their longevity of them.

Purchasing Guidance


As an expensive plant, you don't want to waste money if it dies from inadequate conditions or because you can't keep a 2m tall plant in the house. Therefore, assure you have a warm place that gets tons of sunlight, get ready to water regularly, and pursue the acquisition when you feel you can confirm the above demands of the plant. You may find birds of paradise plants at the park center or purchase from a professional house plant vendor.