Majesty Palm Care, as the most challenging plant indoors

“Care Guide”




Read our expert's guide and ease your efforts in cultivating a particular houseplant and a real challenging one such as the Majesty's palm indoors.


Majesty Palm Care


It's a palm, and it might sound weird that we're suggesting as a houseplant such a tree, yet it's a beautiful indoor one with extended arching green foliage with numerous branches. It is usually deemed a giant plant in the house since it advances to 90 feet in its wild habitat. If you choose to purchase a Majesty palm indoors, don't worry about its growth rate since it doesn't go more than 10 feet in stature.

Well, yes, after many effortless tropical houseplants, Majesty palm is the big turn of being quite a moody one. You should get very well informed if you're a novice since Majesty palms require lots of professional effort to perfectly balance the heat temperatures, light exposure, and fertilization process. However, on the other hand, of too much direct sunlight with a lack of fertilizer, they would scorch. So, what's its perfect balance? Indoors would be much better positioning them in a sunny spot, with an abundance of water and an adequate amount of fertilizer.

Sunlight Exposure.

As we have all seen palms in the movies, they thrive better in places with lots of direct sunlight. It would be best if you moved bleached Majesty's palms into a sunnier spot for several weeks, but not under burning daylight.

Acid Mixture. 

In any other case, you should worry about low PH for plant's soil, but not for Majesty palms as acid-loving plants that they are. A peat-based compound acidifying its roots it's beneficial and an ideal growing technique. Furthermore, you should provide adequate drainage for these palms to prevent root decomposition.

Water Frequency.

It's essential to pay attention to watering frequency since it blossoms in equally damp mud, but you should not soak its ground in the water. When you don't want to miss any leaf, don't allow the plant's ground to get too dry between watering.

Temperature and Humidity


As far as you can offer a high-temperature range between 19 - 30 °C, you will enjoy fantastic Majesty palms. If it's impossible to provide high humidity conditions, they can also tolerate a classic house humid air. In the winter season, it's best to give an artificial humidifier, as they risk getting very dry in cold months. Another technique to enhance its humidity level is watering the plant. Regardless of the plant's needs for humidity, you should pay attention to the attractiveness of insect pests to not moisten palms. 

Fertilizer Time


Formulate a liquid fertilizer and add it to your Majesty's palm as an excellent nutritive component in its growing season once or twice. Never fertilize your plant during the winter, and you should stop it if you notice that your indoor palm starts to stretch out.

Pruning Reason 

Absolutely as dead-ends on human hair, pruning a palm consists of extracting any brown or yellow part of the foliage. Pruning makes the palm breathe and look attractive in your house. 

Potting and Repotting Majesty Palm


According to its gradual growth rhythm, repotting Majesty's palm occurs yearly. It would be best to use a large pot to contain the new palm when repotting, so you will prevent damaging the root ball and tipping over.

Multiplying Majesty Palm


Direct methods of reproducing Majesty's palms are almost unattainable to apply since kernels are nearly limited to purchase, and home growers do not have access to seeds. Multiplying them via stem cuttings is not achievable as in other plants. Nonetheless, separating pups from the mother palm is a viable alternative. Start with removing the plant from its existing pot, look for pups from the main trunk, separate from the root ball, rub and soften it so you can separate the pups with a cleaned knife. Position nodes in containers with fast-draining mud, water the pots until they leak from the footing, arrange them in a sunlit space, and supply fertilizer to budding palms.


You can notice slight changes in your palm's health conditions by varying the yellow shades of its foliage, but anything is possible to fix. The worst problem is pests. They are incredibly attracted to Majesty's palms, and low humidity levels make this plant vulnerable. If practicable, specify the infestation as early as possible and treat it with the least toxic alternative.