Shipping During Winter Months

Live plants can be extremely sensitive to temperatures below freezing. Shipping live plants safely during winter months depends on several factors outlined below. We have done extensive testing and research and have concluded that it is best to make shipping decisions base on your growing zones, expected night temperatures base on your region, and in transit time from our location in FL to the final destination.

As winter arrives, our team is task with analyzing all these conditions in order to prevent cold damage to live plants, and determine how to best deliver a healthy plant to your doorstep. 

PREORDERS DURING WINTER MONTHS, if you would like to preorder and schedule a delivery date feel free to message us right after completing your order and we will make sure to set up the delivery according to your request. 

ORDERS TO GROW ZONES 7-10, it is safe to ship as long as night temperatures are forecast for 4-5 consecutive days above freezing, 32 degrees, in the event night temps are expected to drop below freezing, we are tasked with analyzing the weather forecast weekly, hold the plant(s) at our facility until a window of opportunity becomes available. We normally ship to these grow zones frequently during winter months.

ORDERS TO GROW ZONES 3-6, once night temps drop below freezing we can only accept preorders from these zones, it is not safe to ship, we strongly recommend ordering during spring once night temperatures warm up, and is safe for transport.

ORDERS TO NORTH WEST STATES, WA, ID, OR, NORTH CALI, UT. In transit time becomes a challenge we normally ship via ground and it may take 5-6 days in transit, packages need to travel though different hubs where night temps tend to drop below freezing, making it difficult for live plants to survive the journey, we strongly recommend preorder and hold plants at our facility until it is safe to ship or order by spring.

ORDERS TO HGH ELEVATION REGIONS, normally night temps are constantly at freezing or below, we recommend preorder or shipping during spring weather permitting.