Take care of your lucky charm, the Money Tree

“Care Guide”



Read our ultimate guide about taking proper care of a stunning plant and benefiting from its successful manifestations for decades. Learn now why you should immediately purchase one.


What is the Money Tree?

The famous Pachira Aquatica is an enchanting houseplant extremely popular for its incredible positive energy, manifesting prosperity and good fortune whether it's placed in a residence or workplace. Unquestionably, the Money Tree is a thoughtful present for any occasion to your beloved ones. This enjoyable variety of indoor plants has a main trunk of several branches intertwined together believed that they seal in the good luck.

Have you heard the Money Tree's story?

It's incredible how society in East Asia deem it an excellent present for wedding occasions. It's almost a tradition to gift the couple with a Money Tree for best wishes and prosperity.  Now, why is this houseplant considered so special? People tell about an aged Taiwanese grower struggling with his harvest, who had a fantastic turn on his earnings when he began to farm Pachire Aquatica in his fields. That's how the farmer's prosperity gave the name of Money Tree to this lovely indoor plant. The Pachira Aquatica conveys wealth to those who own and maintain it based on Feng Shui practices. While we can't make spiritual promises, we can guarantee you this: the Pachira Aquatica is a stunning, effortless plant to maintain that will liven up your ambiance anywhere you'll place it.


A money tree demands sandy, peat-moss-based ground and a pot with suitable drainage not to suffer from root issues. It's essential to dry the soil even though this beautiful plant favors humidity. 



The best place to put your money tree's pot is anywhere it can get shiny but indirect daylight. Our stunning tree tolerates light shade and thrives in office lights if it's impossible. Nevertheless, it would help if you avoided natural rays as they might burn its beautiful, prosperous leaves. 



As soon as you notice that the mud has turned dry at the top, it would benefit if you watered it immediately. A recommended watering time is when you see that the top of 2-4 inches of soil is waterless. You should avoid overwatering as the first indicator to root rot. Moisture entirely until the watering reaches the pot's drainage holes and flow out the useless quantity so that the plant's base won't rest in damp soil. 



If you can provide a 16-24°C temperature range in the room where your Pachira Aquatica stands beautifully, you will get rewarded with its lovely green foliage as it thrives happily in average household conditions. Be careful not to expose your Pachira below ten °C, as you might risk freezing your lucky charm indoors.



As a South American plant, the money tree's natural environment includes a high humidity level. Consequently, you should offer a relatable approach to its origins within your indoor's conditions. To achieve its best humidity level, you should regularly cleanse its leaves with a damp fabric or resettle to a naturally moist space. We propose the living room, but you know your house better, right?



Feed monthly with a balanced fluid fertilizer in its blossoming season. It's best to avoid the fertilization process in the winter season, but when you do it in springtime, make sure it's liquid plant nutrition at half strength.



Regardless of being a fast-growing plant that usually rises to an ultimate height of 3 meters, it is not a toxic houseplant. Periodic pruning is the only maintenance effort you might need to do to preserve the extensive growth of the money tree. We would still like to highlight that it is a beautiful, non-toxic plant that you can easily enjoy lucky and safe around kids and pets.



So, you're considering multiplying your money tree? We don't guarantee it will increase your good fortune, yet we can still show you the accurate propagation of Pachira Aquatica. Start cutting off the tip of a branch with clean pruning tools at least two leaf nodes. Immerse the cut tip in hormone rooting powder and combine it with a classic potting compound. Maintain moistened soil for approximately four weeks and thank us later.

Final Tips


Summing up, the money tree merits its fame and adoration from green lovers for its low maintenance, demanding water only once a week, and a shiny ambiance of natural daylight. Regardless of fragile stems, their leaves grow back as soon as they fall by keeping their remarkable appearance biologically. We suggest keeping the money tree in the same pot for better care and control of your houseplant size. Go for repotting with a well-draining, nutritional soil combination, only if it expands gigantic. You don't want to suffocate your lucky charm, do you?