The Must-Read Guide for Growing Dracaena Plants

“Care Guide”



Read our ultimate guide in taking care of the most effortless plant indoors and outdoors, the Dracaena varieties. Follow our tips on the most vital features for a plant’s growth. 


Dracaena Overview


This beautiful subtropical plant, known as Dracaena, is a favorite decorative houseplant, grown indoors and outdoors. It rises to three feet tall within a limited space with a bushy tree appearance. Dracaena is characterized by its shiny leaves up to one foot long and a couple of inches wide for most of its 40 combinations. An impressive point about Dracaena is that it owns a secondary thickening meristem that enables faster growth and strong roots. Dracaena is also famous for enhancing its air quality with beautiful patterns up those big leaves. They exchange air freely and easier if you pay attention to cleaning the leaves frequently with a wet cloth. Its colorful foliage provides an incredible impact anywhere it might be placed. 



The ideal lighting conditions for Dracaena plants are filtered indoor rays or a semi-shade place. Never put a Dracaena plant directly in the Sun, since probably those rays will scorch its leaves.



Another advantage of upkeeping Dracaena indoors is its demand for less water than most other houseplants. It's fundamental to maintain their leaves dampened to hydrate the Dracaena and often check that you're providing light misted mud with adequate drainage. Always enable the top surface of the ground to dry out before watering. Do not overwater, as it may generate root rot. 



The best place to put your money tree's pot is anywhere it can get shiny but indirect daylight. Our stunning tree tolerates light shade and thrives in office lights if it's impossible. Nevertheless, it would help if you avoided natural rays as they might burn its beautiful, prosperous leaves. 


It is usual for Dracaena to relieve leaves to develop new ones. It's essential to use distilled water since these plants are pretty sensitive to various elements of tap water. 


The ideal temperature range for the Dracaena plant varies from 18 – 26°C in daylight. These high temperatures are why it's important not to expose them directly to sun rays. During the night, it's normal for temperatures to get lower, yet be careful to place your plant in a room where it doesn't go lower than 13°C. 



As we mentioned earlier, Dracaenas are effortless to maintain since they do not require to get fertilized constantly. During their growing season, pay attention at least once a month with a ¼ light, fluid fertilizer. You can also feed the plant when it's just entering the growing season. 



This is one of the few things in common with most of the other subtropical plants, its toxicity towards pets. If you share your residence with lovely furry best friends like a cat or a dog, it's vital to choose your houseplants carefully. Foliage with dark brown and dead spots with yellow tips may point to fluoride contamination.


Another perk from Dracaena plants is being typically healthy and rarely intact from severe insects or diseases. Nonetheless, it is vital to pay attention to your plant's health by overseeing bugs or spider mites. These insects get easily treated with an insecticide. Dracaena is a flexible, easy-to-care-for indoor space or outdoors in the garden, but in partial shadiness. 

Farmer Short Tips


  • Utilize filtered water as these plants are sensitive to chemicals located in most tap water.
  • If you want to downsize the plant, you may cut off the top from time to time. New leaves will rise back at the cut branch, delivering an entire look.
  • If your plant isn't blossoming, try placing it in a spot with better sunlight.