If you have been waiting for spring to arrive, you must be running out of time to tick your checklist on your tree-planting list. Summer is also a good season to plant some tree species if you want to know when to plant trees. In summer, you may wonder which trees are heat tolerant or if there are trees that are heat lovers. The two ideal times to plant trees in general are in spring and in autumn. Planting deciduous shrubs and trees in spring is also advisable because they have emerged from dormancy and the next season is almost always warm.

Many people wonder if they can plant trees in the summer. Many factors determine the success of planting trees in the summer. While it is generally said that planting should be done during the winter, it is not impossible to plant trees in summer but one has to put in a little effort. Ideally suited for planting during the summer are containerized trees, balled-and-burlapped trees, and evergreens that have been transplanted and are ready for planting. Such trees have developed root systems already and have relatively higher chances of gaining a hold in the new environment before the onset of winter. Yet the weather that comes with summer is a problem. Depending on the season, there can be a lack of precipitation and high temperatures that make a tree need assistance to survive planting. The gardener needs to take full responsibility for caring for the soil, particularly during the months following the planting of the tree.

Watering a Summer-Planted Tree

When planting trees, especially during summer, it is advised that one should water the planting hole before planting. Then after planting the tree, water the root ball and allow the water to seep into the soil. Remember that these newly planted trees will not have a long root system to look for water. That means that the only water they will be able to access is water poured into the soil directly at the base of the plant. You will have to occasionally feel the soil to see whether or not it has become dry. If so, water again. You can support the tree to pass summer to a more favourable autumn with its precipitation. Read our blog Best Watering Tips for Happy, Healthy Plants now.

Potted vs barefoot

During summer, you should only decide to plant trees that are potted in their soil and not bare roots where the soil is stripped off from the root ball. In shock, trees that are sold with bare roots are even more vulnerable to stress and can exhibit some of this stress before they are planted. Potted trees have better root structure, and this means that your plants establish very fast and start growing. It is recommended that if you intend to plant your potted tree after a few days, water your tree daily while still in the pot. For more information read our How to Repot a Plant.


Similar to us, trees can get burnt by direct sunlight. In case you are transferring your potted tree from indoor to outdoor, take it outside on a gradual basis by taking it out for an hour or two and then gradually increasing the time it is taken outside. Your tree will harden to the sunlight instead of burning – something to bear in mind when planting during summer. 


Signs that the trees are getting burned can be seen on the exterior of the tree, specifically the bark. The bark will become a very pale green or a light grey. To protect newly planted trees, you can obtain shade screens and place them in a way that will protect your trees from the scorching sun in the afternoon. Another idea would be to install a loose-fitting, white tree guard, which encircles the trunks of trees and bounces back heat from the sun.

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