Planting a fruit tree in one's yard may be intimidating to those who have not tried it before. Aren't fruit trees supposed to require constant care and maintenance? Actually, many fruit trees are pretty easy to take care of and harvest.  Nothing is quite as nice as being able to pick fresh fruit right off the tree in your own yard. But for those who have never had the responsibility of caring for a fruit tree, we made this guide to the top easiest grown fruit trees for the beginner. These will give you some good ideas on where to start.

What Makes a Beginner-Friendly Fruit Tree?

It basically comes down to how much of a fuss you need to make about your tree's growing. Again, less attention is needed for the health of your tree, requiring you to pay attention along the way. Some of the qualities that make a fruit tree ideal include:

Low Maintenance

Obviously, a tree that will need full attention almost every day is not going to be a right choice for you to start with. A fruit tree that requires constant pruning and trimming, or requires more than average water, will most probably take much of your time. Unless you want to make tending to trees your new and most time-consuming hobby, stick with fruit that doesn't demand daily attention.

Disease/Pest Resistance

Of course, there is no tree on the planet that is completely resistant to disease or pest invasion. However, some fruit trees are far less susceptible to diseases or attract fewer pests that will harm them. As a home grower, you will want a fruit tree that can withstand the diseases it may encounter in your area. Repairing a tree that is already prone to disease or pests can sometimes be difficult and also very costly. Look for a hardier fruit tree that won't start rotting at the first sign of disease.

Easiest Fruit Trees To Grow:

Following are some Fruits trees that are easy to grow if you are a begin gardener: 

1.Grand Nain Musa Banana Fruit Tree

The Musa Grand Nain Banana tree is a fast-growing and easy-to-care-for plant that is going to do great in your yard and has the ability to be in full sun or partial shade. With its bright, lush foliage, this tropical beauty is putting on a great display of graceful landscapes and producing high-grade and flavorful bananas. For an indoor or outdoor area, the Grand Nain Banana tree does well in pots and can be an excellent ornamental plant on patios or indoors in homes. For more details on its growing tips read How to take care of grand musa Banana fruit tree. In warm regions, it could bear fruits within the first two years and provide a home-raised system of bananas that are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. Besides its fruit-bearing advantages, caring for this plant can help remove stress and fatigue. For more details What are the Psychological benefits of plants?

2.June Plum Fruit Tree

June Plum fruit, also known as Spondias dulcis, Jew plum, or golden apple, is a tropical tree producing big, delicious fruit. It is native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia. Today, it has naturalized in the tropical regions of the world. It is hard, crunchy, and juicy, similar to an unripe mango or apple. If the fruit ripens, it will turn to have a yielding, soft texture with a gentle acidity, rendering it sweet with a hint of flavour similar to pineapple.

3.Florida King Peach Tree

The Florida King peach tree has been one of the most popular peaches in the market for their sweet and juicy fruits; it is thoroughly cultivated and has flowers that bloom to give it a beautiful look. This vigorous-growing Florida King tree may produce huge, firm peaches during May-June. Harvest your own peach fruit right in the comfort of your home. Florida King fruit tree can grow in partial shade; however, for optimal growth, they require full sun. They are known to produce high-quality flesh and may bear fruit within the first two years when planted in warmer regions. 

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