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Blue Rug Juniper Shrub
Blue Rug Juniper Shrub
Blue Rug Juniper Shrub
Blue Rug Juniper Shrub

Blue Rug Juniper Shrub

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Size 6in Pot; 17-20in Spread

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Blue Rug Juniper, Juniperus Horizontalis Wiltonii Cold Hardy and Low Maintenance

Easy to grow evergreen that maintains its dense, silver blue foliage year-round. It has a trailing growth habit, spreads 2-3 feet wide, widely used as groundcover to create contrast with other plants, junipers are generally drought tolerant and resistant to insects and disease, easy to maintain. Combine with Yellow Ribbon Arborvitae for a striking foliage contrast.

Plant Hardiness Zones and Specifications

Grow Zones: 3-9
Growth Rate: Slow
Mature Height: 2-3ft
Mature Width: 2-3ft
Growth form: Evergreen Ground Cover Shrub
Foliage Color: Silver-Blue
Soil Conditions: Adaptable to most soils, Prefers dry well-drained soil, Not tolerant of overly wet soil

Planting and Care

PLANTING, Best time for planting your Juniper is from early spring to early fall right before frost of winter arrives. Dig a hole approximately twice as wide as your new plant’s root ball and deep enough so that the top of the root ball is parallel with the ground level, Place the plant in the hole and ensure that it is situated upright, use the excavated soil to back fill around the root ball, gently press down as you fill the hole and thoroughly soak with a hose to ensure air pockets are eliminated, Take great care to not leave any gaps or air spaces around the root ball. A 2-3 inch layer of organic hardwood mulch is strongly recommended, it will help retain moisture and discourage weed growth. Apply the mulch over the entire planting area.

LIGHT, Thrives in full sun, Tolerates shade

WATER your Juniper during the first two months twice a week, increase in extreme hot days, as plants mature reduce water frequency to once a week. You should always verify the top 2-3 inches of soil, if dry to the touch water as needed.

FERTILIZE your cypress trees during spring before new growth begins, Applying a slow-release, 180 days duration, well balance fertilizer is probably the simplest solution and least expensive.

Pruning is recommended only at early stages of growth to encourage branching. 

Plant Benefits
Plants can reduce stress and anxiety by spending time close to nature caring for them. Great for patios, narrow spaces, decks, plant as privacy trees along fences and backyards. Add life to a given space, Plants are therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist. Increase Property Value, beautify your landscape with this new addition.

Design ideas for the landscape, Ground Cover for Color Contrast:
Plant features are becoming very popular in modern landscape design for homes, also true for spaces like backyards, main entrances, and landscape in general. The inclusion of plants make space feel more attractive, exciting and comfortable, creating a well balance peaceful ambiance of styles that can both calm the senses and invigorate the mind simultaneously, adorning with live plants and natural elements is a great choice to create a relaxing atmosphere while at home, reducing the day to day stresses from modern life, weather is traffic congestions or stressful daily routines, living sculptures can be the answer to some of these challenges, design your space with tropical plants in mind.

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