Bromeliad, Neoregelia Super Fireball
Bromeliad, Neoregelia Super Fireball
Bromeliad, Neoregelia Super Fireball
Bromeliad, Neoregelia Super Fireball

Bromeliad, Neoregelia Super Fireball

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Size 6in Pot; 14-17in

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Bromeliad Neoregelia Super Fireball, Exotic and easy to care, colorful all year round

Bromeliad Plants is a family of monocot flowering plants, native mainly to the tropical Americas, with several species found in the American subtropics. Many bromeliads are able to store water in the center section of the plant, is a structure formed by their tightly overlapping leaves which act as a funnel allowing the water to drip into this section of the plant. the bromeliads family is very diverse, some epiphytes such as Tillandsia or Spanish moss gather the water only from their own leaf structures called trichomes, they can survive as air plants. If you’re looking for vibrant colors and easy care, look no further, the bromeliads family of plants will light up a room and create a truly tropical look. 

Plant Hardiness Zones and Specifications
Grow Zones: 4-9 Patio / 10-11 Outdoors
Growth Rate: Slow
Mature Height: 14-24in
Mature Width: 10-12in
Foliage Color: Salmon pink and orange blushing, variegated green foliage.
Soil Conditions: Well Drain Soil 

Care & Maintenance


Before purchasing a Bromeliad Neoregelia, read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and flourishing.

REPOTTING - Bromeliad Neoregelia can grow exceptionally well in pots for long periods of time, frequent repotting isn’t as necessary compared to other plants. Generally you should repot your plant when it has become excessively rootbound that its roots are overgrown, you may not need to repot your Plant for 1-2 years, do maintain a feeding schedule, the longer is kept in its existing pot the more nutrients are needed to maintain the plant happy and healthy.

LIGHT - Select an area with indirect light or Partial Shade

WATER - Bromeliad Neoregelia are very drought tolerant, they retain water in the center reservoir, we suggest to utilize a soil probe initially to determine humidity levels and when to water, you can also feel the top inch on soil to the touch, if drying out go ahead and water your Bromeliad, once every 7-10 days should be sufficient.

FERTILIZING – No need to fertilize right away, We fertilize our plants during the production phase with slow release fertilizer which can last an additional 2-3 months supplying residual nutrients to the plant. Once you do decide to fertilize You may use a fertilizer formulated for interior plants, preferably a slow release fertilizer 180 days duration, fertilize during spring or fall base on label instructions.

PRUNING Bromeliad Neoregelia is not necessary, if left to grow naturally lower bottom leaves will gradually collapse and dry out, once they dry leaves can be pulled or remove if desired.

INSECTS OR DESEASES - Here’s another plus, Bromeliad Neoregelia is not regularly affected by pests, however in the event that scale, mealy bugs, or mites are found to affect the plant, they can be controlled by applying horticultural neem oil that can be sprayed directly onto the insects, A second and third treatment, when using oils, will be necessary. Space out the sprays at 2 weeks intervals to break up the mealybug life cycle.

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