Bromeliad, Neoregelia Chile Verde
Bromeliad, Neoregelia Chile Verde
Bromeliad, Neoregelia Chile Verde
Bromeliad, Neoregelia Chile Verde

Bromeliad, Neoregelia Chile Verde

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Size 6in Pot; 14-17in

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Bromeliad Neoregelia Chile Verde, Exotic and easy to care, colorful all year round

Looking for a large well rooted Bromeliad? We have a large selection of healthy vibrant Bromeliads available. Native mainly to the tropical Americas, with several species found in the American subtropics. Many bromeliads are able to store water in the center section of the plant, is a structure formed by their tightly overlapping leaves which act as a funnel allowing the water to drip into this section of the plant. the bromeliads family is very diverse, some epiphytes such as Tillandsia or Spanish moss gather the water only from their own leaf structures called trichomes, they can survive as air plants. If you’re looking for vibrant colors and easy care, look no further, the bromeliads family of plants will light up a room and create a truly tropical look.

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Plant Hardiness Zones and Details

Grow Zones: 4-9 Patios / 10-11 Outdoors
Growth Rate: Moderate
Mature Height: 12-16in
Mature Width: 12-14in
Light: Bright Indirect
Foliage Color: variegated green foliage with white edges and pink center
Uses: Interior Foliage, Accent Plant, Complements other plants
Characteristics: Upright leaves, forms in clumps
Soil Conditions: Prefers well drain organic soil
Does Not Ship To: AZ


Bromeliad Neoregelia, a unique plant than can be quite productive, will produce offsets and will grow into a substantial clump, each plant is bout 14 inches wide at maturity, however expect siblings to produce a much wider canopy, they never stop reproduction.

If you're looking for a plant that will make a statement in your home or garden, look no further than the bromeliad chile verde. With its lush, green leaves and striking red flowers, this plant is sure to add some visual interest to any space. Bromeliads are also easy to care for, making them the perfect choice for those who don't have a lot of time to dedicate to plant maintenance. And when it comes to value, you can't beat the bromeliad chile verde - it's an affordable option that will bring beauty and life to your home for years to come. So don't wait any longer - order your bromeliad chile verde today!

Decorate with Bromeliads add color to your landscape or patio - Looking for a plant that's easy to care for, yet still has that wow factor? Look no further than the bromeliad chile verde! This Houseplant is perfect for anyone wanting to add a touch of elegance to their home. The bromeliad chile verde is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in any environment, making it ideal for even the busiest of households. With its beautiful pink and purple flowers, the bromeliad chile verde is sure to add a splash of color to any room. But don't let its good looks fool you, this tough little plant is also incredibly resilient, able to withstand even the most neglectful of gardeners! So whether you're a plant pro or a total novice, the bromeliad chile verde is the perfect choice for you.

Care & Maintenance

Additional Care and Maintenance Tips

HOW TO CARE FOR BROMELIAD NEOREGELIA - Before purchasing a Bromeliad Neoregelia, read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and flourishing.

LIGHT - Outdoors Partial Shade, can tolerate morning and afternoon sun, Indoors bright to medium light.

WATER, Bromeliads are best watered once a week, they retain water in the center reservoir. They like humidity, so misting their leaves regularly is also beneficial. Be sure not to over-water, as this can lead to root rot.

FERTILIZING – No need to fertilize right away, We fertilize our plants during the production phase with slow release fertilizer which can last an additional 2-3 months supplying residual nutrients to the plant. 
Bromeliads prefer a low nitrogen balanced fertilizer, apply during spring-summer months base on label instructions. 

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Is it safe to ship plants by mail?
We Believe it is, let us prove it, our success rate sipping plant(s) online is well over 99%.

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For indoor plants we measure approximate height from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant.

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