Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant
Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant

Palm Ponytail Mexican, Elephant Foot Live Plant

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Ponytail Palm Mexican , Best Indoor Plants for Low Light and Clean Air

One of the most popular tropical plants is the ponytail palm. Native to Mexico, this unique and hardy plant, also known as elephant foot tree or bottle palm, features a swollen base and long thin leaves that resemble ponytails. As an added bonus, ponytail palms are almost indestructible; they require minimal maintenance and have low light requirements. Even more, ponytail palms can tolerate temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and don't mind sporadic watering schedules. Due to their vibrant foliage and resilient nature, ponytail palms make wonderful additions to any interior space.

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Plant Hardiness Zones and Details

Grow Zones: 4-9 Patios / 10-11 Outdoors
Growth Rate: Moderate
Mature Height: 7-10 ft.
Mature Width: 3-4 ft.
Light: Bright Indirect
Foliage: Green with thick trunk
Uses: Interior Foliage, Accent Plant, Complements other plants
Characteristics: Arching leaves on thick woody trunks.
Soil Conditions: Prefers well drain organic soil
Does Not Ship To: AZ

This plant is ideal for people with very little time or who travel regularly. The Ponytail Palm will be perfectly happy being watered once a week and left alone to soak up the sunlight. This distinct plant brings a little fun to any room in your home. The Ponytail Palm is neither a palm nor a tree, it's actually a member of the Agave family, native to the southeastern desert of Mexico. The bulb-like trunk is used to store water and the long leaves that grow from the top of the trunk resemble a ponytail. This Palm is a striking houseplant that will become a statement in any space. Ponytail Palms are Loved by many for its tropical feel and beauty, it offers air cleaning properties, this slow growing easy care palm enjoys bright spaces.

The ponytail palm is the perfect house plant for anyone looking for something unique and eye-catching. This bonsai palm has a long, slender trunk with a lush head of green leaves that cascade down like a ponytail. It's a stunning plant that is sure to make a statement in any home or office.

The ponytail palm is incredibly easy to care for, making it the perfect plant for busy people or anyone who doesn't have a green thumb. It doesn't need much water and can thrive in both bright and low light conditions. Whether you place it in your living room or bedroom, this beautiful plant will bring a touch of nature into your space.

Care and Maintenance

Additional Care and Maintenance Tips

Light, if is bright enough to read is bright enough for plants, if outdoors place in indirect sun light under Shade.

Water, Ponytail are drought tolerant, water about half a cup of water every 5-7 days. Water slowly to allow the soil moist evenly.

Humidity, most Tropical plants can benefit from regular moisture, a humidifier or regular misting is recommended regularly during winter months.

Fertilizing, no need to fertilize right away, We fertilize our plants during the production phase with slow release fertilizer which can last an additional 2-3 months supplying residual nutrients to the plant. Fertilize during spring or fall base on label instructions. You may use a fertilizer formulated for interior plants, preferably a slow release fertilizer 180 days duration,

Repotting, Ponytail Palm can grow exceptionally well in pots for long periods of time, no need to repot for 1-2 years, do maintain a feeding schedule, the longer is kept in its existing pot the more nutrients are needed to maintain the plant happy and healthy. 

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Is it safe to ship plants by mail?
We Believe it is, let us prove it, our success rate sipping plant(s) online is well over 99%.

How do you measure height for indoor plants?
For indoor plants we measure approximate height from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant.

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All plants are guarantee for a period of 30 days, We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Can I order during winter months?
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