Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way
Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way

Philodendron Moonlight, Natures Way

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Size 6in Pot; 17-20in

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Philodendron Moonlight, Bring the Rainforest Indoors and Purify the Air

Philodendron Moonlight is a bright to light green, almost fluorescent hybrid known for its cheerful look and its ease of care. New leaves unfurl from reddish skins in chartreuse and mature into an emerald green. It is a magnificent addition to outside gardens or even indoor areas to give it a more tropical sensation. They are low maintenance giving them the ability to grow in shaded areas or even bright natural light indoors. A lush, decorative foliage plant with large, leathery leaves. Philodendron Moonlight has a compact, bushy habit. Philodendron Moonlight likes medium to bright indirect sunlight for best performance, Moonlight elegance and beauty is what really sets this species apart and what makes it so desirable. Philodendron Moonlight are low maintenance giving them the ability to easily adapt to most environments, indoors or outdoors in shaded areas.


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Plant Hardiness Zones and Details

Grow Zones: Indoors
Growth Rate: Moderate
Mature Height: 2-3 ft
Mature Width: 2-3 ft.
Light: Bright Indirect
Foliage Green light and dark
Uses Interior Foliage, Accent Plant, Complements other plants
Characteristics Dark, green, glossy leaves
Soil Conditions: Prefers well draining organic soil
Does Not Ship To: AZ

• Filter indoor air by absorbing toxins, and removing harmful chemicals.
• Indoor gardening relieves stress and Fatigue by simply enjoying and caring for your plants.
• Having plants in your home or office can be a source of pleasure.
• Plants are therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist
• With its exotic-looking foliage, Philodendron Plants will bring a tropical feel to virtually any well-lit area
• Hand picked and shipped direct from our Nursery

The philodendron Moonlight is a beautiful plant that features large, glossy leaves. It is perfect for adding a touch of style and elegance to any home or office space. The plant is easy to care for and maintain, and it will thrive in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The philodendron Birkin makes a great addition to any home or office, and it will create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Care & Maintenance

Care Guide

Additional Care & Maintenance Tips

• Plants shipped online are in complete darkness for several days, once received place in a low light area for 2-3 days before transitioning to bright light.
• Repotting / Fertilizing, once received Wait 4 weeks before repotting or fertilizing, Fertilize during Spring to Fall base on label instructions.
• Water, allow the top 1-2 inch of Soil to dry out, may take 7-12 days, water slowly to allow the soil moist evenly.
• Humidity, most Tropical plants can benefit from regular moisture, a humidifier or regular misting is recommended.
• Light, if is bright enough to read is bright enough for plants, if outdoors place in indirect sun light under Shade.


•Philodendron plants prefer higher moisture levels, but indoor plants can be watered less frequently.
• The size of the plant, humidity levels, and rate of growth will affect how often a plant needs to be watered.
• Overwatering is the most common mistake made in caring for indoor plants. They are more tolerant to underwatering than overwatering.
• Improper watering can result in fungal issues and root rot.
• Water when the plant needs it rather than on a schedule. The objective is to keep the soil moist without making it soggy or wet.

6 inch Pot plants, every 4-7 Days, 10-12 inch Pot plants, every 7-12 days


•Medium to bright indirect light is the best option for these tropical plants.
• Philodendron plants can perform well both indoors or outdoors under shade, but direct sunlight can scorch the leaves.
• Indoor if is bright enough to read, is bright enough for the Elephant Ears family of plants.
• Complete darkness is not recommended because no light means the plant can not photosynthesize and it will affect the health of the plant.


•The Philodendron Plant has large leaves that are easy to clean.
• Use caution when cleaning the leaves to avoid damage.
•To clean the leaves, add a few drops of dish soap to a cup of water and wet a soft cloth. Manually wipe off the dust from the leaves.

Warranty Policy

Backed by our 30 days Satisfaction Guarantee

We hope that you enjoy your new plants, Every plant we ship is GUARANTEE for a period of 30 DAYS from the day it is received. our main objective is to ensure a great customer experience and deliver great quality plants for your enjoyment. We love our plants and we hope that you will as well, in the event your plant(s) do not arrive in healthy conditions we ask that you share images supporting the reason(s) and we will provide a replacement plant at no cost to you.


More Frequently Ask Questions

Is it safe to ship plants by mail?
We Believe it is, let us prove it, our success rate sipping plant(s) online is well over 99%.

How do you measure height for indoor plants?
For indoor plants we measure approximate height from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant.

Are plant(s) purchased online guarantee?
All plants are guarantee for a period of 30 days, We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Can I order during winter months?
Yes you can, however most Tropical plants are sensitive to extreme cold conditions, once cold temperatures are expected to fall below freezing it will not be safe to ship life plants, we carefully manage shipping decisions during winter months and determine when is safe to ship, please be advise we may need to hold orders until conditions are appropriate to safely ship the plants.